Trying To Be More Healthy! Day 18

For breakfast I had shreddies with flax seed and skimmed milk. I also had a satsuma to get some fruit in the mix and a glass of water. 

Next I did my stretches and had some more water. For some reason I forgot to do them first thing but heyho that has been amended! 

Then for lunch I opted for soup. Not the same as yesterday’s though. That particular combo did not agree with me. I simply heated up some tomato soup. I was going out later so this was nice and quick. I also had a few pieces of Ryvita crispbread. Plus more water to drink. Then a cup of tea a bit later on.

For tea I had whole-wheat pasta with courgette and some cheese. I also had water to drink. This was followed by a lemon tea, a piece of my Lindt bunny, and some banana nice cream (just frozen banana blended up).

For snacks during the day, I had a mini bread roll, a pear and water to drink. 

Moving on to exercise, I did a little bit of walking – about 45 minutes worth to get to the train, and then my friend’s house on the other side. I didn’t have time to do anything more – so much to do!

  • I’ll be glad when there’s no chocolate left to tempt me.
  • Water intake was much better today 😊

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