Trying To Be More Healthy! Day 19

Good morning! Here is day 19/30. We’re getting close to the end!

This morning I began with stretches, had some water and then banana pancakes! I used an egg, a banana and some flax seed. Here’s a link to the basic recipe:

If you want to add any (milled) flax seed, do this at the beginning stage when you mix the egg and banana. The flax seed will help thicken the mixture and allow the pancakes to set faster.

Next up I ate a coconut macaroon in the car during my three hour journey to get Bury St Edmunds. Once we arrived, dad cooked an omelette filled with different veggies and we had that for lunch. I also had a cup of regular tea, and one green tea. Plus a piece of chocolate as dad offered me some and how can you say no?

Afterwards I had a walk around the town, which made up the majority of my exercise for the day. Wasn’t really time for much else. Then dad’s take on Ratatouille for tea. Pretty much we just cook a load of veggies like courgette, mushrooms, aubergine etc. and add pasta and tomato sauce. Super yummy.  I had a glass of water alongside my tea and another green tea just before.

I finished up with another glass of water before tucking myself into bed.


  • I’ve been given a box of chocolates. So I’ve got those to eat at some point.
  • Haven’t done a workout today but hopefully tomorrow.
  • Got to work on that water intake! Not awful today but could be better. 

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