Trying To Be More Healthy! Day 20

Good morning! I’m in Bury St Edmunds today! Packed up my things and got here yesterday afternoon. I’m staying at my dad’s house which is also my old childhood home! I used to live here until I was about 10 years old.

I started my morning with a few cheeky chocolates and then some fruit for breakfast – strawberries and grapes. Then I had a play with my lovely dog and some water to drink. 

For lunch, I simply made myself a sandwich – cheese and cucumber. This used to be the combination my dad chose whenever he made my packed lunch for school. I also had a green tea and a banana. 

Next up I walked Leia. We had a little explore of some woodland nearby the house. She definitely had a good time and it was interesting to see what I could remember of the places we went by (not a lot!). I also drank another green tea once I got back.

For tea I had some of the left over veg from last night along with a ‘vegetable pie thing’ that had spinach in. I also had some new potatoes in gravy, and water to drink. I had another green tea just before dinner too. Dad has a lemon flavour one and it’s really nice, so I’ve been having that. I also had one after tea too!


  • I’m still reading A Game Of Thrones. It’s a big book and taking a while for me to get through. 
  • Going to meet an old friend tomorrow! Exciting!
  • Still not quite enough water. Got to work on this.
  • I didn’t do my stretches – naughty! 

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