Trying To Be More Healthy! Day 21

This morning I started with Shreddies, blueberries and soy milk. I also had a lemon green tea.

Next up I did my stretches and had some water before I took the dog for a quick walk. This time we walked in the direction of the school I used to go to. Both myself and the dog had plenty of water to drink after.

For lunch I had a very small portion of tomato soup that was left over in the fridge. I decided to have a handful of salad leaves along side as well as some grated mozzarella​ on the soup. I also had a piece of bread and some more water to drink.

Later on in town, I had a cup of tea with milk and spent a while walking around the shops with my friend. It was nice out and we had a good chat.  

For dinner dad got a pizza from the co-op and I made a salad to alongside to try to add some nutrition – ate less pizza than normal but had greens too so I was still full up. I guess that still makes it a cheat day though. 

I sense eating healthily might be a bit of a challenge this week though. I keep being offered chocolate and different tempting treats as dad is pleased to have me over for the week. I had some water with dinner and then headed straight to bed as I was very tired. 


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