Trying To Be More Healthy! Day 23

Good morning people! Day 23/30! This morning I started the day with (healthy) blueberry pancakes made with egg, banana and obviously blueberries. Am I having too many eggs? I’m not sure but I’ll be back to cereal tomorrow… (Update: It seems from looking online anything up to few eggs a day is fine. I’m no health expert though so please don’t take that as nutritional advice!) 

For lunch I had some of the left over spinach pie from last night. It’s very tasty and it also had mushrooms and other veg. I then had a lemon green tea. I like the flavour so much. Way more than the regular green tea. 

Next up I took Leia for a walk. We went at a face pace which kept my heart rate up and we were out for maybe 20mins. It was raining so we came back a bit earlier than planned. We had a play later on in the day and I also walked into town in the evening.

Moving on to dinner, dad took me to The Giggling Squid in town. I had a vegetable Pad Thai which I’m not sure how healthy it was and the starter definitely wasn’t. To make up for this though, I’m going to add an extra day onto the challenge and finish on day 31. To drink I had some water so at least there’s that. 

I’ve found this week has been more challenging being at dad’s because we have been eating out and I’ve also been offered lots of chocolate. But I guess I can work on this by looking up what kinds of meals would be healthier to have when out, and think of a healthier alternative snack that I can ask dad for instead of chocolate. 


  • The dog has developed a devious trick; She’s realised that if she knocks her ball under the sofa or chair we always get it out for her. So she now continually knocks it under furniture so we have to pick it up. We end up passing it back to her so she gets more play out of it.
  • I’ve been drinking green tea and water throughout the day as well as at meal times. I think water intake has been OK. 
  • Only just past halfway with reading A Game Of Thrones! Taking forever.
  • I didn’t bring any workout clothes with me. That has been a bit silly.  

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